Going for the DdOoUuBbLlEe. Part 1

Part one of a double exposure film swap. To be concluded next month.


One of the groups I get involved with is the Edinburgh Lo-fi Photography Group. Around the festive season each year we do some kind of a swap, usually a print swap. This year we’re going for a film swap.

We’ll each expose a film then we’ll swap the films around, re-load and double expose them. There’s quite some scope here for interesting results!

Now this double exposure lark is something I’ve never intentionally done before but I have seen some cracking examples of it where one photographer has double exposed the same roll of film and done so with an idea of what the end result of each shot would be. Swapping films with another photographer for each set of exposures puts the end result well and truly into the hands of the emulsion gods!

I think we are pretty much agreed on some basic ground rules: we’ll swap 35mm for 35mm, 120 for 120 etc. and not mix colour with black & white. The first set of exposures should be intended as background, the second set will be for detail/foreground.

My intention is to shoot 35mm black & white. I’ve spooled a thirty or so exposure length of Kentmere 400 from a bulk roll and loaded it into a Vivitar 3800N camera on which I can mount Pentax-K lenses. The aim will be to underexpose each shot by at least one stop on each pass through the camera to avoid overexposure of the final image so the meter is set for ISO 1000 rather than 400. Depending on texture and light I might vary the amount of underexposure I give. As an aid to reloading the film for the next photographer I’ve marked a starting position. Hopefully this will keep the shots more or less in register!

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Part 2 to follow. We’ll be swapping films over in early December so there should be an update in a month or so.

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