Getting the Blues

A cyanotype diversion


I’ve reached a hiatus in my salt print experiments while awaiting delivery of gold toner for a process I want to try. Meantime, I’ve had a cyanotype kit sitting in the corner unused since it arrived wrapped in Christmas paper, a gift from my younger daughter.

Today the sun shone and with nothing particular planned I decided it was time to try out the cyanotype kit. There are a variety of kits available to buy from several suppliers, this one was put together and sold by Stills Gallery in Edinburgh and is self-contained and comprehensive.

Two opaque plastic 50ml bottles containing the chemicals, Ferric Ammonium Citrate and Potassium Ferrocyanide needing only the addition of water, a foam brush, 3ml pipette, nitrile gloves and Fabriano art paper all contained in a plastic case which doubles as a tray in which to wash the prints. I needed only a plastic cup in which to combine the chemistry and a dimly lit room in which to coat the paper and let it dry.

I chose two of the digital negatives I’d prepared a few weeks ago for my salt print experiments, prepared a couple of pieces of paper and set them in the sun using my quarter-plate contact print frame. The first exposure was about 12 minutes and came out a bit dark so I reduced exposure for the second to 7 minutes.

Kit box and drying prints
First print, 12 minutes exposure
Second print, 7 minutes exposure

Fun times. Going for gold next!

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